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Veröffentlicht am 20.09.2017 von

At El Eden near Potosì German climber Pirmin Bertle has made the first ascent of 'En este luz te ves como Poseidon', the first 9a sports climb in Bolivia

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The short film The Warrior’s Roof by Christophe Margot retracing the first ascent of Greenspit in Valle dell’Orco, Italy at the hands of Didier Berthod and documenting the October 2016 repeat by Fred Moix.

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After having freed the world’s first 9c, Adam Ondra has discovered two new projects at Flatanger in Norway which could be as difficult as 9b+.

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The small island of Kalymnos in Greece, without a doubt one world's premier sport climbing destinations, celebrates 20 years of rock climbing holidays.

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Zorbey Aktuyun reports about the first repeat of Nessuno (8a+, 470 m) carried out with Muammer Yalcın in the Aladaglar massif in Turkey.

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Vlad Capusan reports about Tutti Frutti Summer Love (5.11+, A3, 17 pitches, 610m), the big new route climbed up the North Face of Bugaboos Spire in British Columbia, Canada together with Tom Schindfessel from 8 - 11 August 2017.

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Interview with Austrian climber Beat Kammerlander after the first free ascent of his alpine sports climb Kampfzone (8c) in the Rätikon massif.

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At Mallorca in Spain American rock climber Chris Sharma has made the first ascent of Big Fish, an extremely high Deep Water Solo (DWS) climb rated 8c+/9a.